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The University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources has a wide variety of publications available for free and for purchase on the ANR Publications website:

The UCCE Placer/Nevada office has a few publications available for purchase at the office (cash or check) or purchased on-line to be shipped to you.


PILE BURNING in Placer & Nevada Counties

Pile burning is an affordable and effective way to dispose of brush and woody vegetation around the home. Understanding local permit requirements is important to conducting safe and legal pile burns. These factsheets are for landowners conducting residential pile burns located in State Responsibility Area (SRA) and provide guidance on CAL FIRE and local Air Quality Management District requirements.


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A Guide to Home Orcharding for the Sierra Nevada Foothills 2

A Guide to Home Orcharding for the Sierra Nevada Foothills - Why have a backyard or home orchard? The obvious reason is home food production along with the hobby and physical activity that come with it. Fruit trees, their form, fruit, bark and foliage, may also serve an aesthetic or decorative role in the home setting. Sometimes trees are simply nostalgic, sparking memories from childhood or the past. Pub #31-701 


$12.00  $16.69
Complete Guide to Home Canning 2

Complete Guide to Home Canning - This publication contains many new research-bases recommendations for canning safer and better quality food at home. It is an invaluable resource book for persons who are canning for the first time. Experienced canners will find updated information to help them improve their canning practices. AG Information Bulletin 539 December 2009


$10.00 $23.20
4-H Embryology An EGGciting Adventure

Embryology, An Eggciting Adventure...Leaders Guide - The 4-H Embryology...An EGGciting Adventure is a fun, rewarding and educational project. The study of embryos is a great way to observe the development of life in just three short weeks.

The project provides numerous opportunities for your children to learn, through observation and hands-on activities, the value of life as well as information about chickens, eggs, and embryonic development. The lessons can be adapted for use in after-school programs, school classrooms, and 4-H project meetings.


$10.00  $14.93
Primary Planters

Primary Planters a 4-H Gardening Project - The Primary Planters Gardening Guides is designed to give youth a good overall introduction to plants and gardening techniques. The twenty-four activities are organized around three major themes: parts of plants, essential elements for plant growth and plant propagation factors. You may do all the activities in sequential order or pick and choose from the activities to create your own lessons and order of presentation. NR408 


$6.00  $8.07
The California Persimmon 2

The California Persimmon Recipe Book- Persimmons are in the markets from late September through December. They are usually picked when mature and allowed to ripen, although will continue to ripen after they are picked from the tree.


$4.00  $5.08
The Grass Fed Gourmet 2

The Grassfed Gourmet Cookbook - The Grassfed Gourmet Cookbook is not just about the recipes; it's about the advantages and attributes of eating foods from animals raised on pasture.  


$16.00  $23.80
Integrated Pest Management for Citrus 3rd Ed. 2

 IPM for Citrus 3rd Edition - Citrus is the most common fruit tree in California landscapes. Pesticides are used only when necessary, and according to available treatment guidelines. Management relies on methods that are the last disruptive to natural enemies and that minimize adverse environmental effects. ANR #3303


$40.00  $49.40
Safe & Effective Use of pesticides 2nd Ed.

The Safe & Effective Use of Pesticides 2nd Edition - Use this book as study guide if you are preparing for any of the QAC, QAL, or Pest Control Aircraft Pilot's Certification examinations. The DPR uses these tests to certify individuals, pest control businesses, commercial applicators, landscape maintenance personnel, researchers, designated agents, and anyone else applying pesticides as part of their work. ANR #3324


 $38.00 $47.30
Pesticide Safety A Reference Manual for Private Applications 2nd Ed 2

Pesticide Safety: 2nd Edition - As a farmer in California, you are required to know, understand, and follow the federal, state, and local pesticide regulations if any pesticides are used on your farm. ANR #3383


 $8.00 $14.90

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